Mid Motor

Choosing the right motor for your ebike is important in order to better optimize the use that you will do. This choice does not have a right or wrong solution: you can be free to choose the right one according to your needs and how you will employ your ebike.

The central motor is connected to the effort sensors: they measure your effort and they manage the supply of the power. It is called “central” because it is put in the central part of the ebike and it is connected directly to the central axis of the pedals. To sum up: the more force you put on the pedals, the more the motor returns the power reaching the maximum speed. The frequency is another parameter provided to motors while pedaling: even the frequency affects the type of supply provided by the central motor.

All the motors are regulated to reach the maximum speed of 25 km/h but the unique difference is that for central motors users will “interact” with the intelligence of the motor. Central motors are recommended for ebikes that will be used to cover long distances, difficult grounds or off-road tracks. Ebikes equipped with central motors, with respect to ebikes with rear motors, will be difficult to ride if the motor is not activated: you will need to put more effort due to a slight pull of the mechanical parts. Central motors, as a consequence, require more physical effort, with respect to ebikes with rear motors, because they have a system that needs input provided by the cyclist. Central motors are set on the etravel and emtb lines: they provide performance, power and efficiency for different situations and the cyclist will modulate perfectly the management of the power.  Moreover, as the central engine requires a minimum of physical effort, ebikes with central ebikes will let you exercise your body, your mind and, as a consequence, you will improve your psychophysical wellbeing.

Central motors are recommended for:

  • those who need to do physical exercise in the open air
  • covering off-road tracks or experience adventures in mountains
  • those who need a reliable and powerful motor
  • those who want to use ebikes in the city or to enjoy free time during the weekend.

Hub motor

Choosing the right motor for your ebike is important in order to better optimise the use that you will do. This choice does not have

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Mid Motor

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